Swiss non-profit Enkidu launches tech platform for institutions and charities donating to Ukraine

Swiss non-profit Enkidu launches tech platform for institutions and charities donating to Ukraine

By Ulyana Shtybel
16. August 2022.

Enkidu has developed a cutting-edge software platform to automate and intensify donations to Ukraine. is a newly created platform for institutional donors and charities, which supports the capability to review and analyse humanitarian needs from government agencies, select which procurement orders to fund, pay suppliers directly and track logistics – all in one place.

The platform is a unique solution for international charities and corporate donors who are interested to donate to Ukraine and want to do it in the most targeted way.


Key features for donors and charities on Enkidu

Dedicated dashboard with humanitarian purchase orders

Transparent digital document flow and document storage

Digitised audit trails and history of donations

Automated tracking of logistics/delivery for the goods financed

Streamlined communication between government, financial donors and suppliers


Financial donors can now see government-approved procurement orders in one place, review, analyse and select what they would like to fund, and pay directly to suppliers without any intermediaries. Enkidu’s solution is designed to make the donation process fully transparent.

Using the Enkidu platform, donors can also track the delivery of goods, which is essential for full accountability, ultimately leading to an increased flow of donations to the country. demo and registration on the platform are available to institutional donors and charities. Contact the team to schedule a demo at

In March 2022, a group of London-based Ukrainian volunteers came together to launch a campaign which sought to collect donations for the procurement of critical medicines in order to support relief efforts in response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Their fundraising and logistical endeavours, with respect to searching for suppliers and donors, combined with a strong understanding of the needs to be met, led to a partnership of Enkidu with SAP, a multinational software corporation, and State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” (MPU).

“Enkidu connects donors, procurement agencies and the Government so that all parties are able to stay focused on what they do best.”, said Ulyana Shtybel, Co-founder of Enkidu and former Executive Director of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Office in Ukraine.

“Together, the partnership has automated and streamlined the medical procurement processes as a part of national war response for the Medical Procurement of Ukraine, making it faster and more efficient.” – said Tetiana Kharchenko, Deputy GM for Stakeholders Engagement and Communications, MPU.

MPU, together with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, are responsible for collecting the most critical medical needs based on a unified Meddata system in Ukraine and uses SAP Ariba to find the most suitable and competitive suppliers. Once a supplier is selected and verified, the Government agency needs financial donors to pay for the goods.

Enkidu’s role is to match financing for specific medical orders by the MPU. Following Enkidu facilitating four transactions totalling more than $1.4m, the Enkidu team recognises the need for a centralised platform to connect global donor organisations with Government entities in Ukraine, such as MPU. Enkidu has therefore decided to build a technology platform to automate the process and provide greater transparency for financial donors.

“Enkidu is also looking to expand its platform to other Ukrainian Ministries and trusted humanitarian procurement organisations to cover and support more areas where donations are necessary, including procurement of various equipment for infrastructure recovery, education etc. Enkidu is created with the long-term mission to facilitate donations globally”, added Lucas Kuziv, Co-founder of Enkidu and EBRD private equity professional.

The development of the solution was supported by Swiss NGO United for Ukraine and a grant from the US charitable organisation Nova Ukraine. The platform was built in partnership with HighCastle Technologies Ltd, a London-based technology company that has provided its software expertise to tackle document management and communication with donors.


About Enkidu is a platform for institutional donors and charities to review and analyse humanitarian needs from Ukrainian government agencies, select the exact procurement orders they want to fund, pay directly to suppliers and track logistics – all in one place.


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Enkidu’s mission is to ensure Ukrainian people have access to the much-needed medical aid. We have developed a network of like-minded partners and work together towards this goal. These six ambulances are a tangible contribution to enable doctors to provide medical assistance and save lives.

Lukas Kuziv
Enkidu’s co-founder

Every day Ukrainian people are getting seriously injured and needing medical help. Nova Ukraine and USAS have supported Ukrainian crisis relief efforts since day 1 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We will continue to ensure critically needed medical support is available for Ukraine.

Josh Pickering
USAS Director of Operations

Our Foundation has been very active in providing crisis relief for Ukraine. We have made numerous deliveries of food, medical supplies and other goods across Ukraine. We have delivered ambulances as far as Kharkiv and Kramatorsk despite the risks because we know how critically needed they are.

Marta Malecka
Director of “Be A Hero”.