State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” in partnership with Enkidu contracted 400 VAC machines through SAP Business Network

State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” in partnership with Enkidu contracted 400 VAC machines through SAP Business Network

By Ulyana Shtybel
23. April 2022.

The State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” in partnership with Enkidu announced that the first transaction – 400 VAC machines as well as 10,000 disposable kits to be used for Negative Wound Pressure Therapy– was successfully ordered by the MPU through SAP Business Network. Ukrainian Embassy in the United Kingdom financed the purchase. The funds for this purchase, over $1 million in total, were raised through the, a platform created by the Embassy.

The system provides an easy way for institutional donors to support MPU’s and Enkidu’s cause with full transparency of the process in compliance with procurement policies and under MPU’s full control in coordination with the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine has resulted in a country-wide medical emergency. In its work MPU adheres to providing transparent, qualified, and efficient procurement of medicines and medical equipment. The decision to use the world-class procurement solution SAP Ariba has allowed us to not only meet the urgent medical needs of Ukrainian people quickly but also stand by our principles,” said Alona Zhuzha, Acting General Manager of MPU.

“We are certain that working with MPU and SAP will enable faster and more targeted help for thousands of wounded people, as well as countless others in need of medicines and medical treatment across Ukraine,” said Kateryna Goniuk and Lucas Kuziv, Enkidu’s co-founders.

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang Ukraine team assisted with legal matters on this pro bono, specifically, advised on the optimal contractual structure of the transaction given our team’s deep knowledge of the Life Science/Healthcare sector, reviewed and significantly updated the contract behind the transaction to adapt it to the challenges of the war times, all in tight cooperation with both Enkidu and MPU. “We are happy to see our contribution translated to a real-life successful case, and hope it will be similarly useful for organisation of future donor-funded medical supplies for the benefit of Ukraine”, said CMS Ukraine management.

MPU, working shoulder to shoulder with Enkidu, aims to rally global enterprises and institutional donors around the cause, in order to continue delivering much needed medical supplies and equipment to hospitals and medical centres throughout Ukraine where over 40 million people have found themselves at the epicentre of a horrific war. Charity funds and foundations that would like to finance specific purchases to provide humanitarian health assistance to Ukraine should contact the MPU team at or the Enkidu team at

Donors with $100,000+ funds available and suppliers of critically needed medical goods interested to learn about how to support the initiative can contact the MPU team at or Enkidu team at

About SE “MPU”

State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” is the only state-owned enterprise that provides transparent, qualified, and effective procurement of medical supplies and equipment on behalf of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine in a centralized way.

About Enkidu

Enkidu is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in Switzerland by a team of Ukraine diaspora. Teaming up with Medical Procurement of Ukraine, Enkidu’s mission is to facilitate the real-time matching of medical supply needs with medical goods suppliers and funding provided by global organisations willing to donate to help save innocent lives endangered by the war.

Enkidu’s mission is to ensure Ukrainian people have access to the much-needed medical aid. We have developed a network of like-minded partners and work together towards this goal. These six ambulances are a tangible contribution to enable doctors to provide medical assistance and save lives.

Lukas Kuziv
Enkidu’s co-founder

Every day Ukrainian people are getting seriously injured and needing medical help. Nova Ukraine and USAS have supported Ukrainian crisis relief efforts since day 1 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We will continue to ensure critically needed medical support is available for Ukraine.

Josh Pickering
USAS Director of Operations

Our Foundation has been very active in providing crisis relief for Ukraine. We have made numerous deliveries of food, medical supplies and other goods across Ukraine. We have delivered ambulances as far as Kharkiv and Kramatorsk despite the risks because we know how critically needed they are.

Marta Malecka
Director of “Be A Hero”.