Enkidu project started

Enkidu project started

By Ulyana Shtybel
26. February 2022.

Enkidu team was organised on the 26th of February, the second day of war in Ukraine to develop MVP for most efficient procurement of medicines and medical equipment for the people of Ukraine

Enkidu’s mission is to ensure Ukrainian people have access to the much-needed medical aid. We have developed a network of like-minded partners and work together towards this goal. These six ambulances are a tangible contribution to enable doctors to provide medical assistance and save lives.

Lukas Kuziv
Enkidu’s co-founder

Every day Ukrainian people are getting seriously injured and needing medical help. Nova Ukraine and USAS have supported Ukrainian crisis relief efforts since day 1 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We will continue to ensure critically needed medical support is available for Ukraine.

Josh Pickering
USAS Director of Operations

Our Foundation has been very active in providing crisis relief for Ukraine. We have made numerous deliveries of food, medical supplies and other goods across Ukraine. We have delivered ambulances as far as Kharkiv and Kramatorsk despite the risks because we know how critically needed they are.

Marta Malecka
Director of “Be A Hero”.