Platform for donors and charities

Use the Enkidu platform to review and select humanitarian needs approved by government agencies, pay directly to suppliers and track logistics, all in one place

The Medical Shortages

The war in Ukraine has created huge and urgent shortages of medicines and medical devices. In light of the humanitarian catastrophe that is unfolding in Ukraine, millions are in urgent need of medical help and this will likely continue in the nearest future. A critical need for Ukrainian government organisations today is to quickly find and engage financial donors and suppliers that can deliver essential goods. State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” is the national agency that procure medicines as part of the humanitarian relief effort.

The Enkidu Mission

To ensure the fastest and most efficient procurement of medicines and medical equipment for the people of Ukraine, Swiss nonprofit “Enkidu” teamed up with SAP and State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” (MPU). Thanks to Enkidu team efforts MPU now leverage the market-leading, cloud-based procurement solutions from SAP. And Enkidu provides a transparency platform for financial donors and charities to discover critical medical orders, pay directly to suppliers, track delivery and secure efficiently needed supplies.

This project is for



  • Access to large international Suppliers
  • Submit approved needs (orders)
  • Free and easy interface
  • No need to have financial means to cover orders, we will match you with the donor


  • Transparent and automated flow
  • Ability to fund exact procurement orders by Medical Procurement of Ukraine


  • Ability to procure directly for Ukrainian government
  • Ability to supply medicines and MedTech goods, which were not previously registered in Ukraine
  • Clear and transparent process supported by SAP Ariba system
  • Free and easy interface

Logistics Providers

  • Transparant and fast platform
  • Ability to deliver exact procurement orders by Medical Procurement of Ukraine

SAP Ariba Solution

Buyer account

  • Access to supplier catalogs with all the necessary products
  • Browse Catalogues and Create Purchase Requisitions.
  • View and Approve Purchase Requisitions


  • Day-to-day procurement activities
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Flexible business rules
  • Enterprise integration
  • Built-in reporting
  • Custom fields
  • Dynamic forms

Suppliers management

  • Accessible a large audience of suppliers in EU and World.
  • Top 500 Fortune companies are on the platform.
  • Invite suppliers you want to buy from

Invoices workflow

  • Exchange of electronic transactional documents with suppliers
  • Build transaction rules
  • Export invoices to your Accounting system or ERP
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With SAP Ariba solutions for buying and invoicing with guided buying capabilities, government employees and suppliers will be able to easily follow the organization’s procurement policies.

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Can supply medicine? Tap into the SAP Business Network to be discoverable and engage with Medical Procurement of Ukraine


Want to pay for medical goods directly or donate to Medical Procurement of Ukraine. We will match you donation with needs and coordinate the invoicing


Do you have capabilities to deliever medicine to Ukraine or Poland? We encourage you to contact us and join our list of logistic providers

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